Year of Consecrated Life

Honoring our Prophets

Father Pat Griffin concludes his series, Considering Consecrated Life, with a final post  dedicated to Honoring our Prophets. This week, we come to the end of the Year of Consecrated Life, but its blessings continue.  Along that line, the scripture readings from this...

A Consecrated Life – Father Patrick Griffin

Each member of the Vincentian Family—as all Christians–bears a consecration to God…

Personal judgment

In his weekly series "Considering Consecrated Life" Father Pat Griffin reflects on Personal Judgment. At the daily Eucharist during this past week, the First Book of Samuel provided the first reading.  We heard the interesting story of the origin and commissioning of...

God’s Beloved Child

Remember how God whispered to us on the day of our Baptism: you are my beloved child, I am pleased with you.

“Blame”  Fr. Patrick Griffin

“Blame” Fr. Patrick Griffin

“Blame” - Fr. Patrick Griffin continues his series "Considering Consecrated Life" Certain stories in our Bible contain lines which seem unexpected and unusual.  When I recognize one of these stories being read, I pay more attention to hear that particular line.  A...

Knowing Vincent

Knowing Vincent

“Knowing Vincent” is the latest reflection in Father Patrick Griffin's series on Considering Consecrated Life. In the past month, I have been in a number of places where a particular presence has caught my eye. I have noticed on many shelves the fourteen volumes of...

“One Heart” – Patrick Griffin CM

“One Heart” – Patrick Griffin CM

Patrick Griffin CM continues his series on Considering Consecrated Life with this reflection on  “One Heart”  “We have only one heart. . .” (Laudato Si’, Pope Francis, 24 May 2015, 92) Laudato Si’ has challenged me both to meditate and to learn. I find myself...

Knowing Vincent

Baffled – Pat Griffin

“Baffled”  -  Pat Griffin continues his series "Considering Consecrated Life" You know how it is when you have a birthday party for a child. The room can overflow with balloons bobbing up from the chairs, streamers hanging from the ceiling, colorful centerpieces...

Knowing Vincent

“Forgetting who you are”

With this reflection, Forgetting Who You Are - Pat Griffin CM continues his series "Considering Consecrated Life" Recently, a friend of mine said something which stuck in my mind. The guidance was not original or profoundly stated, but I heard its wisdom and warning...

Knowing Vincent

A Vincentian Vernacular

“A Vincentian Vernacular” Another reflection In Patrick Griffin's series "Considering Consecrated Life" For emphasis, we choose significant “years” to begin and end on certain dates. Thus, Pope Francis decided that the “Year of Consecrated Life,” would begin on the...