World Communications Day

Pope Francis wants the Catholic Church to tackle ‘fake news’

For the next World Day of Social Communications, Pope Francis wants the Catholic Church to make a contribution to the mounting issue of "fake news," in part by seeking to promote "professional journalism which always seeks the truth, and therefore a journalism of...

Pope Francis: Communicating Hope and Trust in our Time

In our Vincentian Family Commissions meetings last week in Rome, one of the topics raised and discussed on more than one occasion was communications. Questions discussed were how are we communicating across commissions, how we are communicating with the Vincentian...

Pope – Family is first place we learn to communicate

The family is the first place we learn to communicate, families teach us to go out of ourselves and encounter others.

Turn virtual encounters into real ones

The Australian catholic website XT3 has a suggestion that could apply to all of us… Ahead of this year's World Communications Day (25 May in Australia & 1 June around the world), Xt3 has teamed up with Catholic Talk and we are inviting you take up Pope Francis'...