Voice of the Poor

Collaboration Works! – Good News

Demonstrations of the power of collaboration in systemic change.

A Witness Perspective: Poverty is Not a “Thing” – It’s About People

From my perspective as a long-time and former Louisville Catholic Charities employee serving in several different social justice ministry functions and now in my volunteer role as the Mideast Voice of the Poor Regional Leader, I’d like to offer during National Poverty...

Notice from the SVDP USA

The SVDP USA changed their advocacy platform last month to "VoterVoice." Many in the Vincentian Family are accustomed to "CapWiz," and now when you go to the CapWiz link you get a message with only this information: The SVDP writes The new link is:...

Vincentians making a dent in the universe

“I have a passion for the issues that face those we visit. And I know that advocacy would help. But I’m just one person. What can I do?”

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