The Mission and Vocation of the Priest– and Religious, and Lay Person– According to St. Vincent

Missioners — priests and brothers, Daughters of Charity, and [lay] members of confraternities of charity are for St. Vincent, first of all, baptised Christians.

Hosting a “Vincentian Family Day of Discernment”

You can host a local area “Vincentian Family Day of Discernment”. Here’s how!

Men On a Mission: Serving Christ in the Poor

This Saturday we celebrate the anniversary of the Foundation of the Congregation of the Mission by St. Vincent de Paul. The mission continues… in these videos, Vincentian Priests and Brothers of the U.S.A. describe in their own words who they are, and what they are called to do.

What do you love about being a Sister of Charity?

Here are some videos from a series called “Why I love the SCLs” (Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth).

Want New Members? Go Mobile!

Want New Members? Go Mobile!

For those recruiting new members and those working in vocation ministry in the Vincentian Family the verdict is in. The coming generation has gone mobile, and it's not going back. Pew research states, Much of this frenzy of access is facilitated by mobile devices....

From Volunteering to Vows

From Volunteering to Vows

Tracy Kemme's latest reflection in the NCR series Global Sisters Report describes the process leading from  volunteering to vows. She adds "My story is not unique!" Just two weekends ago, I professed first vows with the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, along with my...

Vocation Vacation By S. Janet Gildea

Vocation Vacation By S. Janet Gildea

Vocation Vacation By S. Janet Gildea - Summertime … and the livin’ is easy … fish are jumpin’… and the cotton is high …” So begins the latest issue of E-Voc, the electronic newsletter from the Vocation Team of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati for single women...