vincentian youth

Seeking Info: A Campus Chat

The Catholic Bishop of Buffalo NY, Most Rev. Richard J. Malone met with Vincentian students from Niagara University for a “Campus Chat”. Topics included: gun violence, suffering, gluten-free hosts, and outreach to neighbors in need.

Video Essay Contest for Vincentian Youth

Adamson University (Philippines) is sponsoring a Video Essay Contest for Vincentian Youth which revolves around the theme, “#IamVincent. I Come Into this World to leave a Mark.” The contest is open to all bonafide Senior High and College students of Adamson University...

The Apostolate of the Ear

Pope Francis will meet, from today on, with hundreds of thousands of young people, coming from all over the world to celebrate their faith in community. He's going to offer a word of encouragement and support, also the closeness of the entire Church in these complex...

1,300 Young Vincentians Meeting Prior to World Youth Day

From July 23 to 26, some 1,300 young Vincentians around the world will have a pre-World Youth Day gathering, joining the WYD after it. The Vincentian Youth Gathering will be held at the Educational Centre "Good News 2000" in Piekary, Liszki, near Krakow, in southern...

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