Watered down Resurrection doesn’t work

Jim Martin SJ has a thoughtful reflection  on Why a watered-down Resurrection doesn't work. The Resurrection may be the hardest thing for people to accept about Christianity. Some agnostics embrace Jesus as a compassionate sage. Seekers, if they’re closer to belief,...

Living Lent vs. Living Easter

This post is a few years old but addresses a challenge that is real today.  The Easter Challenge: Living as Though Resurrection Was the Final Word For the Next 50 Days Two quotes in particular caught my eye... I've tended to live Easter as if it is just...

Easter and “Falling plates”

A video using the image of "FallingPlates"  shares the purpose of the Easter Story. FallingPlates portrays in four minutes the universal themes of life, lost love, death, pain and faith in a God who interrupts our lives to show his love. Life begins happy and content...

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