The de Gondi Style: A New Year’s Resolution for #AIC400 #famvin400

It may come as a surprise to some, but Madame de Gondi had to push Vincent a little. Calling Vincentians of Wherever! The Vincentian Family lives most of its life in a parish. And we need parishes equipped for the "new" evangelization. We need Vincentian "missionary...

Where did the Neighborhood Church Move To?

…people in the pews are looking for a significant spiritual message on Sundays and a community they’ll feel at home in.

Celebrating St. Vincent in your parish

The Society of St. Vincent dePaul suggests these way to celebrate the Feast of St. Vincent in your parish on September 27. Others may find inspiration for their own parochial celebrations.

What is “The Amazing Parish”

The Amazing Parish – A parish is probably the most important organization in society — it is where most people come to know Christ and his Church. That is why every parish must strive to be amazing.

Children in church

Children in church

Something that deserves wider circulation about children in church… “A parishioner gave me the following intro from parish they had visited. It is called “Celebrating Children at our Parish”