Recognizing the Child Jesus Today

Some stories need no comments. Here is the story of a new mother recognizing who she was caring for…

Did the Mother of God Speak Spanish?

The mother of Jesus speaks the universal language of mothers or “mother tongue.” In each apparition, she speaks the motherly language of comfort, advice, warning, or encouragement.

A Mother Knows So Much About Systemic Change

Think of it. Mothers everywhere are key agents of the transformation of helpless newborns into independent adults. 

St. Louise trifold pamphlet

Wife, Mother, Widow, Foundress, Saint. Certainly not an ordinary resume!

“I AM A MOTHER” Elizabeth Seton

“I AM A MOTHER” Elizabeth Seton

“I AM A MOTHER”: SAINT ELIZABETH ANN SETON ON MOTHERHOOD The letters of Saint Elizabeth Seton (1774-1821) to and about her family reflect exactly the kind of concerns a mother today would have about her children's lives, choices, job prospects, etc. She wrote and...

Louise – Saint for everyone

Louise – Saint for everyone

Louise, a woman with a rich personality and profound spirituality,  can inspire the lives of women, mothers, widows, religious, social worker... the list goes on. The Daughters of Charity present a YouTube video "Louise - Saint for everyone"...

Elizabeth Seton’s way of loving

The Spanish language site Somos has posted an article "Elizabeth Seton's way of loving" which was originally found on the site of the New York Sisters of Charity. Much has been written and said about the many deep relationships that St. Elizabeth Seton had with...

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