Most Holy Trinity(mystery)

The Trinity, A Big Mystery • A Weekly Reflection with Vincent

"In addition to the obligation we here have as Christians to honor this feast [Most Holy Trinity], we have a particular one because, by the Bulls of Approval of the Company, a Pope has given us the Most Holy Trinity as our patron. That should animate all of us, such...

On the Edge of a Heart Attack • A Weekly Reflection with Vincent

"The souls of poor persons have the image of God imprinted upon them, and therefore we're bound to honor the Blessed Trinity in them." Vincent de Paul (CCD:VII:conference 10). Reflection: A simple sentence but...what a sentence! A lucid...

Trinity – From Puzzle To Be Solved To Model To Be Lived

It has been a journey from Trinity as a puzzle to Trinity as a model for my life.

Who Is My Favorite Person In the Trinity?

“God for us, we call you “Father.” God alongside us, we call you “Jesus.” God within us, we call you “Holy Spirit.” Chances are that at various time in our lives we have felt closer to God with one of these images.

St. Louise and the Blessed Trinity

St. Louise and the Blessed Trinity

It may be difficult for us to see any kind of practical relevance in the doctrine of the Trinity; it remains a mystery. But consider how Fr. Jerome Magat explains it in a May 24, 2013 article called Imitating the Trinity: The Trinity reveals to us the master plan of...


Most Holy Trinity (B), May 31, 2015 – Dt 4, 32-34. 39-40; Rom 8, 14-17; Mt 28, 16-20 In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit (Mt 28, 19) God’s overflowing love reaches us human beings so that may be, in the Son and by the working of the Holy...