We are Missionary Disciples of Christ

One of the often referred teaching from the Second Vatican council is about the missionary vocation of all the baptized.  Pope Francis in his first apostolic exhortation, “Joy of Gospel,” explains this theme very beautifully. According to him, among the followers of...

Missionary Servants Return to Chicago

St. James Church in Chicago, Illinois recently welcomed Missionary Servants to take over their pastoral care ministry. Newly appointed pastor Father John Edmunds, S.T., shares his first impressions below: “St. James is a good place for the Missionary Servants. The...

Would a Missionary give up Swahili (Facebook) for Lent?

What’s the first thing a missionary does? Learn the language. This is the language of the world we live. I’m sorry if you don’t like it. You could go “okay, I don’t like Swahili.”

Pope canonizes a “working mom”, missionary

Wikipedia tells the story of St.Marie of the Incarnation – a story that echoes both Louise de Marillac and Elizabeth Seton.

Love is more than welfare service

Love is more than welfare service

Vincentian missioner found his life in a landfill in a Madagascar and has given life to thousands. Fr. Pedro is keen to stress one thing: “I have always said this to them: I love you too much to simply act as a welfare service.

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