Vincent de Paul’s Pastoral Strategy In the 21st Century?

On the anniversary of the establishment of the Confraternities of Charity, I am struck by a still under the radar phenomenon springing up among Vincentian laity in various professions.

What is a Vincentian spirituality of the laity?

“we do not live in a cloister; we live in the world and yet we should not live as worldly people. This is difficult, very difficult, but this is also our obligation.”

Evaluating the “Francis effect”

Is Francis bringing people back to church?

Vincent dePaul – Pioneer of “lay ministry”

The important role that Vincent gave to the laity shows him as a precursor  of the Second Vatican Council. His teaching and practice echoed through the Blessed Frederic Ozanam and his influence on the development of the social doctrine of the Church and the Encyclical...

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