A Perfect Storm

I have only recently become conscious of the “perfect storm” faced by the early Christian community at the time Mark collected the stories of Jesus and made use of them to ultimately give hope in a disastrous situation.

Do We Understand “Body of Christ”?

Do we understand “Body of Christ”? If we do would it challenge our way of thinking and the systems we live with?

Aren’t We All “Flat-earthers”?

There is no doubt in my mind that the earth is a globe revolving in space! So how could I be a “flat-earther”?

Repairers of a House Divided

Repairers of a House Divided offers Catholics and indeed all Christians timely reflections and 7 biblical habits for Catholics to remedy a torn country.

Jesus and the Homeless

Jesus and the Homeless

Gerald O’Collins SJ asks us to think about the way in which Jesus identified himself with the homeless, and took every opportunity to speak about and help them. When we consider that Jesus himself was homeless for much of his life, how does this challenge us to see the face of Jesus in all of those in need?

Jesus: Who Do You Think You Are?

Jesus: Who Do You Think You Are?

Jesus: Who Do You Think You Are?  The peaceful manger of our imagination masks so much disturbance and uncertainty. In this season the website Thinking Faith has been running a fascinating series exploring Jesus’s family tree. It  concludes with a study of those...

Jesus was not a professor, teacher or mystic

Jesus was not a professor, teacher or mystic

“Jesus wasn’t a professor, a teacher or a mystic who kept away from people as He spoke from afar. No, he was among the people. He would let people touch Him and ask Him questions. That’s how Jesus is. He is close to the people.”

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