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Bl. Rosalie Rendu: Serving and Advocating for Persons in Need of Health Care

In addition to caring for the sick poor in their homes, Blessed Rosalie collaborated closely with the civil authorities responsible for the assistance of those who were poor.

Daughters of Charity in El Paso: Carrying On The Missionary Spirit

On February 3, 1892, four Daughters of Charity stepped off the train in El Paso, Texas, USA. Within a day the Sisters had laid the foundations for Hotel Dieu hospital, an institution that would welcome thousands of El Pasoans into the world, provide critical care for...

St. Louise de Marillac As Healer

St. Louise and the Daughters of Charity as medical practitioners.

Six DC California hospitals transferred to secular control

The Daughters of Charity Health System (DCHS) Board of Directors has selected BlueMountain Capital Management (BlueMountain), a private investment firm to recapitalize its operations. BlueMountain is contributing over $250 million of capital and is sponsoring...
The not so social gospel

The not so social gospel

James Martin offers a tongue in cheek version of this newly discovered not so social gospel. The Lazy Paralytic The Very Poorly Prepared Crowd The Rich and Therefore Blessed Young Man The Lazy Paralytic 1. When Jesus returned to Capernaum after some days, it was...

The Rush to Abandon the Poor

The state with the country’s worst health care record just happens to have a governor who has been the loudest voice against national efforts to improve it. According to a New York Times editorial entitled "The Rush to Abandon the Poor",  "A quarter of the residents...

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