Being a Vincentian is not necessarily easy

  A Canadian Vincentian observes "Being a Vincentian is not necessarily easy" and offers his reflections. William (Bill) Graham (Peel-North Toronto) Ontario Regional Council,Society of St. Vincent de Paul. THE  JOURNEY Vincentians are called to journey together...

How will we be judged as a society? Missed opportunities?

I read once that a society can be judged by how it treats its most vulnerable, I wonder how we will be judged?

It’s not too early – Vincent dePaul Society prepares for Christmas

William Graham of Canada writes of “Christmas that magical time” and what the Society of St. VIncent de Paul is already doing to make it a magical time for those on the margins. Without help for them it can be painful rather than a magical time.

Unpacking a hallowed tradition: Home Visits

… why do we do the home visit, how we go about the home visit, and most importantly, what we want to accomplish and how do we overcome the reasons some Vincentians have for not doing home visits

Francis – I love him, I love him not

I love Pope Francis, I love him not  is the way Kate Childs Graham titles her reflection in the NCR series "Young Voices" about the impact Pope Francis has had in her young life. It provides an interesting insight to his impact across a generational divide. What has...

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