Examination of Conscience.

Examination of Conscience In Light Of Catholic Social Teaching

During our Lenten journey we examine, personally and as a community, ourselves and our actions.

A Challenge is in the Air

Think about the hot button issues of the day: Police reform, Climate change, Poverty, Homelessness, Election reform, Systemic racism, #metoo… Tou name it. People are calling for more than just quick but temporary fixes. People are calling for systemic reform.

Each Approach Is Necessary

An image each Vincentian should consider! It is a simple image of people imperiled by a river flooding out of control. Read on to learn how a Franciscan uses that image to explore various approaches to saving people.

A Lenten Examination of Conscience for Vincentians

An examination of conscience helps us reflect on and deepen our commitment to following Jesus Christ, Evangelizer and Server of the poor.

Unwrap it – Christmas Examination

Unwrap it – Christmas Examination

Unwrap it – Christmas Examination (from Kelly Wahlquist's website post about savoring the gift during the 12 days of Christmas) "The Joy of the Gospel" is an incredible gift with a beautiful bow tied together ... Picture three young boys in front of a Christmas tree...

Vincentian examination of conscience

Vincentian examination of conscience

As we progress further into Lent perhaps we can examine ourselves against these 5  characteristic Vincentian virtues. (See SlideShare version prepared by VinFormation.) Simplicity Do I always speak the truth? Do I say things as they are or as I want them to be? What...

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