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Vincentian Values Today – Have You Caught The Charism?

VIVAT! The Latin term expresses a hope on the part of the speaker that another should live. How meaningful that this heartfelt word is also the acronym for Vincentian Values Today!

The First Vincentian Woman Priest of the Anglican Sisters of Charity

Dee Mansi shares her thoughts on women’s involvement in Church leadership after celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the Anglican Sisters of Charity – a branch of the Vincentian Family.

My Vincentian Visa Is Up To Date – Is Yours?

When we meet, we can’t help it – we talk “Vincentian.” We value and recall our roots. We are very much Vincent’s children living and acting in mission on the “signs of the times.”

Cloistered, Conflicted or Concerned – Which Are You?

Hopefully, we don’t remain too cloistered that we rely on our prayers to create concrete opportunities – speaking out to advocate for the helpless!

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