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Volunteering from a Distance

I began my volunteering with the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul in Ethiopia as a Vincentian Lay Missionary (VLM) volunteer in 2013 for three months.

Devotion to St. Justin de Jacobis in Eritrea and Ethiopia

St. Justin de Jacobis, C.M. (feast day: July 30) faced and overcame many challenges and hardships. His humility, goodness, and charity inspired vocations to the priesthood and converted many others in 19th century Abyssinia.

The Daughters of Charity prevent hunger among single mothers in Ethiopia during COVID-19

Being a single mother of four is always a challenge, even more during a global pandemic.

Sisters of Mercy of Saint Vincent de Paul: Empowering Women in Ethiopia

The Ethiopian Sisters are involved in seeking ways to improve the social and economic position of women in the country.

What most do not know about the new Vincentian Cardinal

What most do not know about the new Vincentian Cardinal

“Despite the horrors of prison and solitary confinement, I found it transformative. It led to a spiritual rebirth for me. I had nothing, literally nothing, in solitary, so I cried out to the Lord from the depths of my being. I truly felt the presence of Jesus in those dark days.”

Another amazing Daughter of Charity – Bridget Harley

Another amazing Daughter of Charity – Bridget Harley

When she died in 2010 Australia took note of another amazing Daughter of Charity – Bridget Harley. The Spirit led her to join the Daughters of Charity in Sydney in 1943. In 1966 she responded to what would be her life-time commitment to educate disadvantaged children took her to Ethiopia where she spent thirty-eight years. By the time Sister Bridget left Ethiopia in 2005, aged 86, she had set up more than 150 early childhood development centres.

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