Does “Good News” Call for Change?

Do we realize that personal transformation is the seed for systemic change?

Can You Look People In the Eye?

Pope Francis often uses the word, “encounter,” 32 times in “The Joy of the Gospel” and as an antidote to our “throwaway culture,” in which people who are seen as useless are cast aside.

Transformation, I Got What I Came For #Iam Vincent @DePaulMission

Georgianna Torres Reyes recounts an encounter in the Chapel at Rue de sèvres in this simple video. #GiorgiannaisVincent How have you been changed by your encounters with people who have been marginalized? How has your personal history helped or hindered your...

Culture of encounter and Vincentians

Culture of encounter and Vincentians - In his address to the Bishops of the United States Pope Francis said "we are promoters of the culture of encounter. We are living sacraments of the embrace between God’s riches and our poverty. We are witnesses of the abasement...