Transformation, I Got What I Came For #Iam Vincent @DePaulMission

by | Apr 7, 2016 | Formation, Reflections | 1 comment

Georgianna Torres Reyes recounts an encounter in the Chapel at Rue de sèvres in this simple video. #GiorgiannaisVincent

How have you been changed by your encounters with people who have been marginalized? How has your personal history helped or hindered your encounters?

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  1. Lynn L'Heureux

    Thank you Georgianna: This video is a wonderful tool for Vincentians visiting the homes of those in need. We cannot become complacent. If we are not changed by the gift they are to us we will not be giving our whole selves. I have shared this video on Facebook and will also present it at my next workshop. If we are serving Christ, we must serve with the passion and love of Christ. We must be changed and pray to have the feeling God gave us to all. Called to be a Vincentian is a gift from God. It is life changing for us and those around us. Thanks again for your story.