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Articles for discernment

How Do I Know What To Do Next Year?

Knowing what to do comes by a process called discernment. part of that process is listening to the stories of others. So listen (well, read....) My Experience by Stephanie Williams, Vincentian Service Corps - West Working at St. Vincent School has been a whirlwind of...

A Prayer Practice for Discernment

The following is a discernment technique to help you examine your day, to see if you can discover how God is calling you.

Singing on Social: A Discernment Reflection

In a new video to aid in religious discernment, Daughters of Charity Liz Sjoberg and Brenda Fritz make music together. It's a beautiful piece.

Do Something You Love

Earlier this month one of the Colorado Vincentian Volunteers mentioned that she likes to read the blog at Humans of New York. I do, too. Its founder, Brandon Stanton, was at St. John's University the other day and his presentation was highlighted on the St. John's web...
From Volunteering to Vows

From Volunteering to Vows

Tracy Kemme's latest reflection in the NCR series Global Sisters Report describes the process leading from  volunteering to vows. She adds "My story is not unique!" Just two weekends ago, I professed first vows with the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, along with my...

Vocation Vacation By S. Janet Gildea

Vocation Vacation By S. Janet Gildea

Vocation Vacation By S. Janet Gildea - Summertime … and the livin’ is easy … fish are jumpin’… and the cotton is high …” So begins the latest issue of E-Voc, the electronic newsletter from the Vocation Team of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati for single women...

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