Corpus Christi

Is the Church a Closet?

Is the Church like a closet where we wistfully keep things from the past, a dreary chamber filled only with us, our problems and our disappointments? Then it will be impossible to recognize God’s silent and unassuming presence.

Do We Understand “Body of Christ”?

Do we understand “Body of Christ”? If we do would it challenge our way of thinking and the systems we live with?

Recognizing the Body Of Christ Today

Gradually I became aware of the Body of Christ frozen in time in Michelangelo’s masterpiece, The Pieta.

The Many Ways of Holding the Body of Christ

Do we have the courage to hold the body of Christ presented to us?

Global, simultaneous Eucharistic Adoration

Global, simultaneous Eucharistic Adoration

Technology opened up a new experience of the universality of Church when millions around the world were able to join in Eucharistic adoration with Pope Francis. RomeReports writes. "It was five o clock in the afternoon in Rome, when the Eucharistic Adoration began in...

Vincent on the Trinity and Corpus Christi

Vincent on the Trinity and Corpus Christi

Former Superior General Robert Maloney writes... 1.The Trinity. He often spoke of the mystery of the Trinity to the Vincentians and Daughters. During a meeting of the General Council of the Daughters on June 19, 1647, he told them that they should "be the image of the...

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