College of Mt. St. Vincent

Seton Service and Leadership Program

Want a Vincentian experience in college? Want it for your kids? Community? Belonging? Service? Advocacy? Faith? and in a Vincentian environment? Get to know another of our great Vincentian institutions of higher education. The Seton Service and Leadership Program at...

Resource at the College of Mt. St. Vincent

Get to know a useful resource. There is growing dissatisfaction with the USA process of electing a president and strong support for efforts to rein in the power of money on campaigns. Perhaps this is a problem in your country, too. In the latest national poll...

Getting to #IamVincent is a Process @MountStVincent

There's a process. It's called conversion. Jonathan Ramirez class of 2018 at the College of Mount Saint Vincent (New York) has been working tirelessly to tackle the homeless epidemic in New York City. Every Tuesday during the academic year, and occasionally during the...

Vincentian Family in People’s Climate Change March

Sr. Julie Cutter, DC writes of the Vincentian Family participation in the People’s Climate Change March in NYC which drew literally hundreds of thousands.