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CEO sleepout: ‘Show me another initiative that has raised R25m’ It’s a cold Thursday night on June 18 2015. We are out on Gwen Street, in Sandton, Johannesburg, where more than 20 chief executives have left their cushy beds and warm homes for a cause - the 702 CEO sleepout. The 702 Sun...

1,243 CEOs sleepout, raise almost $6,000,000

1,243 CEOs sleepout, raise almost $6,000,000. These are the impressive stats from the annual SVDP CEO Sleepout in Australia! And the final count is not in. The city of Adelaide had to postpone their event. It could be well over 6 million! On the 18th June 1300 CEOs...

Vinnies keep moving the goal posts!

Even after 10 years the Vinnies keep moving the goal posts! Normally people don’t like that. But in this case it is a good thing. Each year they raise more money with the help of CEOs who volunteer to sleep out int he cold of an Australian winter.

CEOs + Cardboard mats = 5.4 million dollars

About 1000 Australian CEOs slept out on cardboard mats raised $5.4 million for homeless men and women that do it tough every night.

Journey out of homelessness

Journey out of homelessness

Would you believe that 1,110 CEO's slept out in the cold and raised 5.3 million dollars to accompany the more than 50,000 homeless women and 25,000 youth under the age of 18 as they struggle to make the journey out of homelessness. Well, it is a fact of the 2013...

Vincentian “WalkAbout” for Homeless

Vincentian “WalkAbout” for Homeless

The Vincentian Family is very creative in finding ways to confront the issues of homeless. We have had CEO Sleepouts in Australia where even top level CEO's commit to sleep out in order to experience and raise consciousenss, not only others but also their own. Now...

Journey out of homelessness

SVDP VISION (New South Wales Australia)

The latest issue of Vision,  published thee times yearly by the Society of St Vncent de Paul in New South Wales, is now available online.   A number of interesting articles are attractively presented, including a report on the very successful CEO Sleepout for...

Hilton Hotels and SVDP?

A partnership between a Hilton Hotel in Australia and the SVDP might well be something others could explore. The CM website in Australia points to a story about how the St Vincent de Paul Society and the Sydney Hilton  have entered into a three-year partnership worth...

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