Public Transportation – Convenience, Hassle, or Lifeline?

A 2015 Harvard study found that access to reliable transportation is the biggest factor in determining whether someone will escape poverty and avoid homelessness.

When Children Ask About Homeless People

The children in your life are going to want to know why that person is sleeping on the sidewalk or pushing a shopping cart full of belongings.
The questions will vary. So should our answers.

Handcuffs Will Not Stop Homelessness!

In a recent reflection on the site Invisible People, Robert Davis makes the point that handcuffs will never solve homelessness.

“Homelessness is a silent war on children”

What is the average age of homeless persons in America? Over 50 Between 30 and 49 Between 15 and 29 Below 15 I really wonder how many would have guessed age 11, much less that it is a well-researched fact. (as of January 2022). More info at this link Cynthia Griffith...

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