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Daughters of Charity, Blessed Martyrs of Arras

The French Revolution challenged each religious person's fidelity to Jesus Christ and to the Church.   [button...

100th Anniversary of the Beatification of the Daughters of Charity of Arras

The martyrdom suffered by the Daughters of Charity from Arras… suggests that the very existence of private charitable organizations could be profoundly threatening in the brave new world of the French Revolution.

Blessed Daughters of Charity, Martyrs of Arras, and Bl. Marguerite Rutan, D.C.

June 26 is the feast day of five Daughters of Charity who were guillotined by the French revolutionary government.

June 26: Blessed Marie-Madeleine Fontaine, Marie-Françoise Lanel, Thérèse Fantou, Jeanne Gérard and Marguerite Rutan

June 26 is the memorial of Blessed Marguerite Rutan D.C., and Blessed Maria Magdalene Fontaine D.C. and Companions, Martyrs of Arras. Learn more in two SlideShare presentations.

The four who remained behind

The four who remained behind

There were four Sisters who remained behind to work in the House of Charity during the French Revolution. They paid with their lives. They represent an earlier version of a story celebrated in the powerful  film "Of Gods and Men" and the 7 Trappist monks who stayed...

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