A Vincentian reading of the Sunday readings

Calm in the Middle of the Storm

By trusting in the Lord Jesus we can stay calm even when evil seems to triumph.

Sow with Humility, Trust and Courage

Jesus is, in person, what it means to sow is to harvest and the seed that turns into a tree with large branches, so that birds can dwell in its shade. In today’s gospel, Jesus says that the kingdom of God is like the one who goes to sow and gets to harvest. That is to...

Ideals, Facts, Utopia, Reality

Jesus is God-with-us, which means he is Love-with-us.

Covenant that Is Better, New, Holy, Eternal

Jesus gives his body up and sheds his blood for us. He thus gives the greatest proof of love and is now the mediator of the new and better covenant. Jesus tells his disciples that the bread he is about to give them is his body. He, then, says also that the wine they...
Hand over the Body and Shed the Blood

Take Seriously the Good News of God

Jesus is the Good News of God in person. To take seriously this Good News means to have, for sure, life, bliss, salvation. There are those, of course, who do not take seriously Jesus’ proclamation that the kingdom of God has come. They say that if it were true, things...

Hand over the Body and Shed the Blood

Fill Our Life with Jesus Christ

Jesus is the bread of life.  Those whose life is full of him have their fill.  To go to him and to believe in him is to hunger and thirst no more. To fill their life with Jesus Christ is one of the things that missionaries are to remember (SV.EN:276). And all those,...

Hand over the Body and Shed the Blood

See and Hear the Word Made Flesh

Jesus is the Word made flesh and he is in our midst.  Those who do not fail to see and hear him, and do what he says, turn into relatives of his. It looks like Jesus does not find it hard to see and hear folks tell him, “Your mother and brother are out there and want...

Hand over the Body and Shed the Blood

Homes in the Kingdom of Heaven

Jesus is like us in all things but sin.  He is not a stranger to the joys, sorrows, light and glory that our homes know. They say that tough times bring out the best and the worst in us and, of course, in our homes.  In the face of crises and uncertainties, some folks...

Hand over the Body and Shed the Blood

Go and See the Child Lying in the Manger

Jesus is little and poor.  We are to go and see and live his being little and poor, so that we may be clean and free of pride and greed that spell ruin.  As the shepherds get the good news about the Savior’s birth, great fear takes hold of them. For a great and...

Hand over the Body and Shed the Blood

Favors, Blessings, Graces from God

Jesus, the one anointed with the Holy Spirit and sent by the Father, brings the Good News to the poor.  He proclaims the era of favors from heaven. The angel Gabriel comes to Mary. As he greets her, he does not say the name of the virgin betrothed to Joseph. Rather,...

Hand over the Body and Shed the Blood

Recognize Jesus Who Is in Our Midst

Jesus is in in our midst. Do we Christians get to recognize him? Do we give witness to him by the way we are, live and act?  Priests, Levites and Pharisees grill John as if they were in court. And he does not hesitate to recognize simply that he is not the Messiah nor...

Hand over the Body and Shed the Blood

Go out of the Old World of Old Men

Jesus sees fit to go out of the bosom of the Father to announce the Good News to the poor and to bring in the new heavens and the new earth.  It seems that John, like Jeremiah, has the Lord’s word in his heart as a fire one cannot put out. It makes the son of...