vincentian spirituality

The Power For Oneness (1 Cor 12: 12-13)

The motto on the great seal of the United States is the Latin “E Pluribus Unum.” It’s translated: “Out of the Many, One.”

Hearing the Voice (John 10:11-18)

I think people would worry if someone accused them of “hearing voices.” But the truth of the matter is that during each week, any number of voices are directed at us.

Indwelling (John 14:21-26)

The Lord Jesus grew up in an agricultural setting, and so it’s no surprise that He draws on images that run through that world.

The Shining Gaze (Ps 4:7a; Lk 24:36-80)

A favorite verse, Psalm 4, reads: “Lord, let your face shine upon us.” It summons up a very warm and private kind of experience that each of us in our own way can recognize.

Three Epiphany Words (Mt 2:1-12; Is 60:1-6)

Letting Truth Appear

Letting Truth Appear (John 8:31-42) It’s not often I get stunned by the cover of a magazine, but the one on Time in late March accomplished that. In dark letters set against a darker background was the question, “Is Truth Dead?” The phrase caught a feeling I only half...

Three Epiphany Words (Mt 2:1-12; Is 60:1-6)

The Defining Backdrop

The Defining Backdrop (Gen. 17:5-9; Jn. 17) In the middle of Genesis, we come across the classic phrasing of a central theme running all through both Testaments of the bible, the Covenant. After telling Abraham He will make him the father of nations, Yahweh says, “I...

Three Epiphany Words (Mt 2:1-12; Is 60:1-6)

Gospel Stretching: Wideness

Gospel Stretching (Mark 6:1-6)  There’s a wideness in God’s mercy, like the wideness of the Sea.  So begins the famous hymn written by Frederick Faber two centuries ago. Freeing and refreshing and life-giving and promising as it sounds, wideness can...

Three Epiphany Words (Mt 2:1-12; Is 60:1-6)

Talk, Speech, Deed

Talk, Speech, Deed (1 Cor 2: 1-5) In one of the many commentaries on the quality of the rhetoric in the recent campaign, I came across a distinction I had never thought of – the difference between talk and speech. Talk, whatever comes to you on the spot, or from off...

Three Epiphany Words (Mt 2:1-12; Is 60:1-6)

Repenting From Fear to Trust 

       Repenting From Fear to Trust (Matthew 4: 17) In Matthew’s fourth chapter we come across what you might call the very first word in Jesus' very first sermon, Repent! Which means at base “to turn around.” And so the gospel, “From that time on, Jesus began to...

Three Epiphany Words (Mt 2:1-12; Is 60:1-6)

A Family Gift: Practical Integrity

A Family Gift: Practical Integrity (Mk 3:1-6) If you were hired as the Public Relations director for the Jerusalem Pharisees and Scribes mentioned in Mark, you wouldn’t want this section of the gospel to get too much circulation. In their confrontations with Jesus,...

Three Epiphany Words (Mt 2:1-12; Is 60:1-6)

Heavenly Gaze

A scene setter. You’re out in the cold night fields, keeping close watch over your flock. And suddenly this light is shining at you and all around you. From out of this radiance a voice of an angel sings out news about the infant in swaddling clothes lying in a...

Three Epiphany Words (Mt 2:1-12; Is 60:1-6)

Sensing Grace

Sensing Grace (Lk: 1:26-38) The angel Gabriel reveals to Mary that she’s “full of grace.” And so the question, what is this “grace” that Mary is filled with? There are few better answers to be had than the one in the five words that follow. “The Lord is with you!”...