Vincentian Service Corps West

How Do I Know What To Do Next Year?

Knowing what to do comes by a process called discernment. part of that process is listening to the stories of others. So listen (well, read....) My Experience by Stephanie Williams, Vincentian Service Corps - West Working at St. Vincent School has been a whirlwind of...

Create Your Charism #IamVincent

When I was young, I spent many weekends attending Sunday school. I learned the biblical stories of the Old Testament- Kind David, Solomon, Joseph. What I imagined as the ideal ‘perfect Christian’ emerged in my mind- someone of faith, good deeds, and someone who puts...

Servant Leadership; “To serve and not to be served” Mt. 20-28

NON SEQUITUR @2013 Wiley Ink, Inc. Dist. By UNIVERSAL UCLICK. Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved. You shouldn’t need a slap upside the head to realize that you are called to be a Servant Leader. Sr. Alicia Martin, D.C. led the January Reflection Weekend...

Vincentian Service Corps West Newsletter

Sr. Frances Vista, DC introduces the Vincentian Service Corps West Newsletter. “The Season of Advent calls us to live in the present while looking forward to the future…”

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