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Vincent’s Values: A Spiritual Perspective (Video)

St. Vincent de Paul’s ministry emerged from a set of values deeply rooted in his Christocentric faith and the person of Jesus Christ, the Evangelizer of the Poor. From an essay by Rev. Edward Udovic, C.M., Ph.D.

St. Vincent de Paul: His Road to Sanctity

In this video produced by the DePaul University Office of Mission and Values, Rev. Edward Udovic, C.M. reads his essay on the life of St. Vincent de Paul.

Unrestricted Readiness to Follow God’s Plan

In keeping with Superior General’s Advent theme of trusting in God’s Providence, for your reflection we offer this presentation based on an article by Fr. Edward Udovic, C.M.

Conversion and Discernment According to St. Vincent

With Lent’s focus on spiritual growth, reflection, and conversion, now would be a great time to pause and listen to a podcast, “Conversion and Discernment According to Vincent de Paul” written and narrated by Fr. Edward R. Udovic, C.M.

New resource for Vincentian history

New resource for Vincentian history

The Vincentian Studies Institute of DePaul University has launched a new online research archive that will provide access to an array of historical documents on the Catholic Reformation, with special focus on Vincentian history. The website, which was created by Dr....

What did Louise say?

Fr. Ed Udovic CM announces a Collaborative Project "What did Louise say?" A searchable database of quotable quotes.   He  writes "As we approach the feast of Saint Louise de Marillac, the Vincentian Studies Institute and the Office of Mission and Values at DePaul...

Was Vincent a thief?

In an article entitled "Myth Deconstruction: Vincent accused of theft" Father Ed Udovic presents the data relevant to the charge that Vincent was accused of theft in the very early biography written by Louis Abelly. Reflection: What is your reaction when you are...

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