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Articles for Systemic change

How a Baby Changes Everything

A baby changes everything. Never was that truer than in the birth of the one we call Jesus of Nazareth. The birth of Jesus literally changed everything for everyone.

Change Agents – Our Heritage

A description of a change agent – “one who can make changes happen by inspiring and influencing others.” How does that fit you, St. Vincent de Paul, and the Vincentian Family?

Vincentian Prayer Images: Long-term Solutions Worth It

Long-term solutions take time… but are worth working for!

Daring To Pray For Structural Change

Everyone wants structural change. Do we pray for it?

A Conductor Notices

A Conductor Notices

We may sometimes feel like that piccolo player – that we don’t have much to offer, that if we stopped our ministry no one would notice anyway. Yet the Great Conductor notices, and needs us to complete his orchestral masterpiece!

The Pandemic and Systemic Change

Catholics, Advocacy And Systemic Change

The Vincentian Family, devoted to the poor, should be one of the loudest voices advocating for real and permanent change of the systems and structures and decisions that make and keep people poor.

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