Formation: Systemic change

Systemic Change Practitioner Call

New for 2022, please join us as we kick off our First Thursdays Practitioner Call Series.

Mark’s Gospel – Coping With a New Normal

Mark, as any good pastor would, uses Jesus stories circulating in oral tradition to help a community understand how the gospel is “good news”… even in the face of catastrophe and persecution.

Can Stories Change the World?

Parents learn quickly the power of story as a pacifier. But the stories also shape values. Stories and the lived stories of our example are how we learn our values. Jesus knew the power of stories! Do you really want to change things? Tell a story!

Martha Justice Ministry

Martha Justice Ministry is a continuation of how the Marthas live Gospel Hospitality through social justice and creation care.

The Pandemic and Systemic Change


“Those on top, like politicians and church leaders, talk a lot about peace, but not about justice, because speaking of peace sounds good to others on top and to the naïve on the bottom, but to speak of justice sounds bad to those on top because it opens the eyes of...

The Pandemic and Systemic Change

Bullfights and Systemic Change

It caught my eye immediately. A statue on his desk—a bullfight scene. But not what you would expect. This one was strikingly different—here the bull was sitting on the matador holding him down! Talk about the unexpected. A paradigm shift? No, a complete reversal! We...

The Pandemic and Systemic Change

Advocacy and Systemic Change

“Speaking truth to power….Making our voices heard---"     Advocacy: the process of supporting a cause or proposal, pleading or arguing in favor of an idea or policy.  Advocacy is active, not passive, and can take many forms.  But for Vincentians it means taking the...

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