The Synod as an Emmaus Journey!

Seeing beyond each personal experience! Isn’t that what the Synod is about? We hear the Spirit and recognize the inadequacies of our individual understandings regarding the the needs of peoople in other parts of the world.

After Three and a Half Weeks, the Synod 2018 Ended

"The Synod has been a good harvest and promises good wine." This sentence that Pope Francis pronounced on Sunday, October 28 at the Angelus, from the balcony of the Apostolic Palace and before thousands of pilgrims, summarizes the work, reflection and living for three...

Stark Message to Synod from Vincentian Cardinal

A stark message from a Vincentian Cardinal at the Youth Synod “The question … in Africa for the youth is not what we talk [about] much here in the synod… In [the] African context, it is survival: what you have to eat, to dress, and whether you get shelter.” “The...

The Synod as an Emmaus Journey!

My hope is that all the participants of the Youth Synod will experience their own version of the Emmaus journey – looking at things they thought they knew… but seeing them in a new light. Now that would be the beginning of a profound systemic change!