Articles for SlideShare

Saints Vincent and Louise, Daughters of Charity Care For the Mentally Ill

A presentation about the early work of our founders in caring for the mentally ill in 17th century France.

St. Louise de Marillac: An Outgoing Woman Full of Tenderness

One of the most outstanding and perhaps least commented upon aspects of St. Louise’s character is her tenderness.

The Heart of Jesus in the Spirituality of St. Louise de Marillac

In Matthew’s gospel, Jesus himself tells his followers: “Learn from me, for I am gentle and humble of heart.” It was a text that Louise and Vincent loved to quote.

“Facing the Coronavirus” Presentation from the Vincentian Confraternity of Psychologists

This presentation was created by the Vincentian Confraternity of Psychologists to share some advice to help those who help others to feel better, less anxious, and less worried about the pandemic.

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