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Connecting Lent, Valentine’s Day and Systemic Change

At first glance, it may seem like quite a stretch to connect Ash Wednesday, Valentine’s Day and Systemic Change. But hear me out. Actually, it is not that hard.

Vincentian Prayer Images: Seeing With God’s Eyes

God grant us the grace to see things as you do!

Vincentian Prayer Images: Extend Your Hand To Guide Me

Even when I think I see, extend your merciful hand to guide me along the right path.

Vincentian Prayer Images: We See… But Do Not See

We may see…but do we see as God sees?

Shepherds seeing what others miss

Shepherds seeing what others miss

Today more than ever we need to find our God in unexpected places and unexpected people. May this year's biggest blessing be learning to see the Christ in ourselves and one another with the shepherds' eyes of faith! Have a blessed Christmas!

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