Rosalie Rendu

Blessed Rosalie Rendu: Spiritual and Human Portrait (Feast Day: February 7)

Who was this simple country girl who became a great symbol of Our Lord’s loving mercy toward those who are poor?

February 7: Blessed Rosalie Rendu, D.C.

During the early 19th Century, the inhabitants of the Mouffetard district of Paris experienced physical, social, spiritual, and moral misery. This was the environment in which Sister Rosalie served through her entire adult life. Learn how Blessed Rosalie Rendu brought...

What does Blessed Rosalie Rendu teach us today?

Presentation adapted from an article by Fr. Jean-Pierre Renouard, C.M.

February 7: Feast Day of Blessed Sister Rosalie Rendu

Jeanne-Marie Rendu was born in Confort, France. In 1802, she entered the mother house of the Daughters of Charity in Paris, taking the name of Sister Rosalie. She was appointed to visit the Mouffetard district of Paris, a very poor area, with a bad reputation....
Sister Rosalie’s Funeral

Sister Rosalie’s Funeral

This Wednesday is the anniversary of the beatification of Rosalie Rendu, D.C. She was beatified on Nov. 9, 2003 by Pope John Paul II. In celebration I would like to share several excerpts from the book by Sister Louise Sullivan, D.C.: "Sister Rosalie Rendu: A Daughter...

5 Minutes With Sr. Rosalie Rendu

5 Minutes With Sr. Rosalie Rendu

Spend 5 minutes in quiet reflective thought about Blessed Sister Rosalie with this video based on her correspondence and the witness of her Sisters. You will soon see that she was sensitive to all suffering: “There is something that is choking me and takes away my...

February 7: Feast of Bl. Rosalie Rendu

February 7: Feast of Bl. Rosalie Rendu

From the age of reason, Jeanne [Sr. Rosalie] had thought of consecrating herself to God. None of the joys of the world attracted her. She wanted no part of its celebrations or glitter. At the same time, she felt drawn by its groans and misery. -Armand de Melun

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