The Cost of “Preferential Option for the Poor”

Forty years ago, four women gave their lives as part of their preferential option for the poor. Read their own words. It should take just about 40 seconds.

Homilies of Oscar Romero

Recent days have noted increasing expectations for the advancement of the cause for the canonization of Archbishop Oscar Romero. The Romero Trust is responsible for making available thewritings that will be used in reviewing his cause as he moves toward canonization....

Canonize Archbishop Romero?

In case you were wondering what  Archbishop Romero had to confront over the last three years of his life here is a list of what he faced and sought to respond to pervasive and extreme poverty; to paramilitary killings of community leaders; to peasant massacres and the...

2012 – Reflections of a translator

 Reflections of a Translator: End of the Year Reflections At this time of the year the various media outlets look back at the events that occurred during the past twelve months and highlight the most outstanding happenings.  Therefore let me, as a translator, engage...

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