A Vincentian View: Be Vincentian, Be a Listener

Each year at St. John’s University we celebrate Founder’s Week from September 20-27. 

A Vincentian View: Lessons from Ozanam

Labor Day, the beginning of the academic year, and the liturgical calendar (September 8) merge in drawing Antoine-Frédéric Ozanam to my mind at the beginning of September. 

A Vincentian View: The Spes Gregis

The “spes gregis” was one of the earliest terms that I heard applied to my classmates and me when we entered the high school seminary. 

A Vincentian View: “Coming Down the Mountain”

A Scripture passage that frequently captures my Vincentian heart is that of the Transfiguration.

A Vincentian View: Joseph 2.0

A Vincentian View: Human Stories

  A Vincentian View: “Human Stories” This past Saturday at St. John’s University, we launched the first of our ongoing series on interfaith dialogue.  In collaboration with the Diocese of Brooklyn, the Vincentian Center at SJU will attempt to put together a whole day...

A Vincentian View: Joseph 2.0

A Vincentian View: “Our” Kids

Vincentian View: “Our Kids” Founder’s Week (September 20-27) at St. John’s University celebrates St. Vincent de Paul whose spirit rests at the heart of our University.  This year, the theme for our remembrance was “Vincentian Education:  Illuminating minds, creating...

A Vincentian View: Joseph 2.0

A Vincentian View: The Joy of Being Found

A Vincentian View “The Joy of Being Found” Our Gospel of Sunday, September 11 contains the entire fifteenth chapter of Luke’s Gospel and the three parables therein. The ideas of being “lost” and “found” and “joyful” are central in each story. Listen again to the words...

A Vincentian View: Joseph 2.0

A Vincentian View: Payback

A Vincentian View “Payback” Imagine a world in which everyone had all that they needed, not too much and never too little.  No one was hungry—there was always enough food.  No one was naked—adequate clothing was available to all.  No one needed shelter—everyone had a...

A Vincentian View: Joseph 2.0

A Vincentian View: Giving Your Best

A Vincentian View “Giving Your Best” I have been on vacation for the past two weeks.  I feel fortunate that these were the two weeks of the Olympic Games.  During the first week, I was with my two sisters and my brother’s family in Northboro, MA.  We spent much of the...

A Vincentian View: Joseph 2.0

A Vincentian View: Listening

A Vincentian View: Fr. Patrick J. Griffin, CM “Listening” Do you set aside books which you say that you are going to read when you get the chance?  I try to do that during the summer.  There are, of course, junk novels which I select for guilty pleasure, but there are...

A Vincentian View: Joseph 2.0

A Vincentian View: More

A Vincentian View Fr. Patrick J. Griffin, CM “More” At the center of the Queens’ campus of St. John’s University stands the eleven year old Church of St. Thomas More.  The majority of the funding for the Church came from an alumnus of the Law School, and he also...

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