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Articles for Reflections

A Vincentian View: Joseph and Listening

In the current time with all our issues, St. Joseph can stand forth to teach us as a just man, as a worker and family man, as an obedient believer, and as a quiet person with an ability to listen.

A Vincentian View: The Whole Story

My friends, the whole story during this holy season invites us to strengthen our faith within our closest community and to express it in the widest world. 

A Vincentian View: And this will be a sign for you…

This year something different in the Christmas readings captured my prayer and attention.  Perhaps it suggests the times and the disposition of my mind and heart. 

A Vincentian View: A Season of Yes

We can recognize the effort and success that people of good will exert to move us beyond the moment and onto the right track.

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