Articles for Politics

Pledging a “Better Kind of Politics”?

Pope Francis calls us to “build a better kind of politics”. The USCCB suggest almost a “12 step program” for building community as envisaged when we truly commit to what we pray for in the “Our Father.”

Vincent Outgrew “Zip Code” Politics!

Vincent grew beyond his original ministry zip code!

Identity Politics In the Early Church

We often read Acts 6 with a focus on the institution of the diaconate without realizing that the underlying problem was one of race, class, etc. Let’s read Acts 6 as a solution to the identity politics in the early church.

Vincentians of Wherever: Get Political!

The approach to poverty in American politics generally—and in public child welfare specifically—has always been influenced by the widespread understanding of poverty as primarily a moral and personal failing, rather than a structural issue. Jeremy Kohomban & David...

Vincent did not live in vacuum

Fr. Jean Pierre Renouard, C.M. situates "Vincent in the political context of his time " in this paper from the Third Asian Vincentian Institute (Mother House, Paris, September-December 2006) "I will try to write to you of simple things at the risk of being simplistic,...

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