February 3: Blessed Giuseppina Nicoli, D.C.

Blessed Giuseppina Nicoli, an Italian Daughter of Charity, is known for her work with poor children; through her trust and friendship, “she guided them to find the Lord … with the gentleness of a loving mother”.

Blessed Giuseppina Nicoli, DC: a teacher of life, a messenger of love

There was a time, not so long ago, when a woman, full of enthusiasm and vocation for the weakest children of society, gave her life to educate a great generation of young people who, thanks to her, found the strength to change their lives.

Anniversary of the Beatification of Giuseppina Nicoli, DC

[Her] kaleidoscope of apostolic works, which brought so much spiritual and material benefit to many, is an example of the great things God can do in those who are entirely dedicated to Him.

February 3: Beatification of Giuseppina Nicoli, D.C.

Sr. Guiseppina Nicoli, D.C. was beatified on this day, February 3, 2008. She is known for her work with poor and uneducated children. "Accompanied by the Sisters in her community, Sister Nicoli approached these young people with the gentleness of a...

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