Missing Millennials – What We Might Be Missing

Could living Vincent’s Values be attractive to millennials?

Bringing Vincentian Millennials to the Faith

It sounds odd, doesn't it? ... bringing Vincentian millennials to the faith? If a person is a Vincentian, why would he or she need to be "brought to the faith?" My friend Kery Alys Robinson tweets about a variety of things. Recently, she highlighted an op-ed piece in...

Now on Social: Millennial Journal

The Millennial Journal is one great way to feed your soul. They’re at Facebook and Twitter as well. They have a key mission in today's world. Millennial is an online journal and blog that provides world-class Catholic opinion and analysis on the most pressing issues...

FaceBook Confession Groups – Serving a need?

Found on the blog of  website specializing in exploring new media innovations  for building community and marketing... "In an unusual twist on the crowdsourcing concept, new "confession" groups have been popping up on Facebook.  Any secrets disclosed to the confession...

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