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Flying Geese, Fighter Pilots and Ministry

The next time you watch a flock of geese, pause for a moment — think about what they can teach us about ministry in general and, especially, “long-haul” ministries of systemic change.

Seton Service and Leadership Program

Want a Vincentian experience in college? Want it for your kids? Community? Belonging? Service? Advocacy? Faith? and in a Vincentian environment? Get to know another of our great Vincentian institutions of higher education. The Seton Service and Leadership Program at...

A Story of Organic Leadership

What do you see as the qualities of good leaders? Integrity and honesty - never compromise these. They have a passion for success, wanting to be competitive and come out on top. They have compassion for their people, getting to know them and their families. Great...

Vincentian leaders empower others

Vincent was adept at helping his followers realize their potential. He empowered them by sharing his knowledge and resources, inspiring them through mission, and giving them opportunities to lead organizations he helped to create.

Sisters of Charity Seton Hill celebrate

Sisters of Charity Seton Hill celebrate

The Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill, Greensburg Pa recently celebrated the installation of a new leadership team for 2012-2016 and 5 Golden Jubiliarians. The United States Provincial Council members seated from left are Sister Mary Norbert Long, SC, and Sister Susan...

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