An Irish Vincentian and Jackie Kennedy

Who was this Vincentian priest … and how did Jackie come to place so much trust in him?

Sisters of St. Martha of Antigonish Elect New Leadership

Those chosen to lead the congregation for the next five years are: Sister Brendalee Boisvert, Congregation Leader, Sister Stella Chafe, Assistant Congregation Leader, Sister Donna Brady, Sister Florence Kennedy, and Sister Joanne O’Regan as Councillors.  The newly...

Daughters of Charity and Presidents

The Provincial Archives site of the Daughters of Charity has a series of post showcaing material from their intereactions with Presidents. DCs and Presidents – William McKinley at Camp Wikoff, Long Island, 1898 (Photograph reproduced with permission of Daughters of...

Daughter of Charity photo – 10 minutes before assasination

The DesMoines Register reveals another Vincentian family connection to that fateful day... Sister Angela Fitzgibbon's nephews and nieces in Iowa long have cherished this photo of a smiling President John F. Kennedy, which Fitzgibbon took along his parade route just 10...

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