The Good Samaritan, Pair of Jesuits and St. Vincent

”Laudato Si’ taught us that EVERYTHING is connected; ‘Fratelli Tutti’ teaches us that EVERYONE is connected.”

Nike vs. Volvo and the Vincentian Spirit – T. McKenna

“just do it” takes precedence over “here’s the reason why you should do it.”

Pope – Jesuit? Franciscan? Vincentian?

“Christians could kneel in veneration when a poor person enters the church.”

Jesuits Offer Spiritual Retreats for the Homeless

Those who are homeless need spiritual nourishment as much as any of us.

Syria: Not a Place , but a People

Syria: Not a Place , but a People

A military intervention in Syria will not give the results anyone wants. Instead, everyone will be the loser, and there will be no victor." writes a  Jesuit native of Allepo in Syria and the director of the Middle East and North Africa region for Jesuit Refugee...

Jesuits on Pope Francis

From the IgnatianSolidarity Net... Clearly, as time moves forward there will be much to learn about Pope Francis, but for the time being we thought we would share a few quotes that represent the importance the social mission of the Church has played in his ministry:...

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