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Born In the Bleachers

We hear a lot about being born on third base. It is a metaphor for being way ahead in the game of life. But what if you were born in the bleachers? Or worse, born outside the ballpark?

A Homeless Stereotype Blown Out of the Water

A Homeless Stereotype Blown Out of the Water

Homelessness – What Americans Believe and Why It Matters

It is not just beauty! Reality does seem to be in the eye of the beholder. And that is unfortunate. There is a direct line between how the public views homelessness and the policy choices leaders make.

How Much Will Upcoming Evictions Cost You?

According to the NLIHC and the Innovation for Justice Program, an incident of mass eviction would incur astronomical costs for the general population. In total, they estimate those costs to total somewhere between $62 billion and $129 billion

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