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New CM representative at the UN

Father Guillermo Campuzano, CM who has been appointed the new CM representative at the UN. He replaces Fr. Joseph Foley, CM. Father Campuzano was born in Colombia and is a member of the Western Province of the United States. During the past eight years he has...

Vincentian Family Haiti Commission meets in Phildelphia

The Commission of the Vincentian Family Haiti Initiative met at St. Vincent’s Seminary in Philadelphia earlier this month as they closed the fiscal year and marked the end of its first three- year strategic plan.

Fr. Foley – Refections on the UN General Assembly

Father Joe Foley, CM NGO representative at the UN offer his summary and reflections of the The United Nations General Assembly – Session 69

Systemic Change Workshop – Day 5

These last 2 days of our workshop will be dedicated to train the trainors and an important consideration in systemic change explained to us was about Fund-raising. Jim Claffey beautifully stressed that it is a ministry

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