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Imagine! Frederic Ozanam Addresses Congress

After viewing the presentation of Sr. Claire Sweeney, DC on Frederick Ozanam and Social Justice, I fantasized what he might say if he, like Pope Francis, were invited to address a joint session of Congress.

Imagine Saying This Today!

What is most important to you – your nation, culture, class, race, gender — or first and foremost being in God and a new and international community of God’s people?

Insights into role of religious NGOs at the UN

Sr. Michele Morek provides insights into role of religious NGOs at the UN for understanding the importance of our witness at the UN. Many will be surprised at how well represented the Vincentian Family is at the UN

Confessions of an accidental feminist

Rachel Held Evans writes... "I always laugh a little to myself when I receive a Google Alert informing me that someone on the internet has criticized me as a “bitter, angry woman” intent on destroying the Church with my “radical feminist agenda.” I laugh because if...

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