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July 31, 1809: The Sisters of Charity at Emmitsburg Begin Living Their Rule

The Sisters, family members, and students moved into the four-room, two-story stone farmhouse and began living their Provisional Rule on 31 July 1809, which is considered the founding of the Sisters of Charity.

Nuns bring recycling to a new level – Abbey to refugee housing

Nuns bring recycling to a new level – From 1000 year old abbey to refugee housing

Were you there when the first spade of earth turned?

“We Saw The First Spade of Earth Turned” – virtual tour of historic St. Joseph’s Provincial House. (Locals dubbed the large, new building “the Seton Hilton.”

Emmitsburg’s Prequel

Mother Seton arrived at  the house on Paca Street  the day of the dedication of the Seminary Chapel in 1808. She, her three daughters, and several other girls called the Paca Street house their home for only one year, 1808 to 1809. During that year, she befriended a...

Birth of Seton Heritage Ministries

The National Shrine of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton is about to embark on a new venture – Seton Heritage Ministries - that will lead to both exciting and challenging times. Seton Heritage Ministries and Shrine  is transitioning to a self-sufficient growing international...

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