El Salvador

The Cost of “Preferential Option for the Poor”

Forty years ago, four women gave their lives as part of their preferential option for the poor. Read their own words. It should take just about 40 seconds.

Perseverance Accomplishes Everything (Lived experience in Tepecoyo, El Salvador)

Sister Ana Rosa Moran, DC shares with us her 40 years of missionary service in Tepecoyo (El Salvador)

History of the AIC in San Miguel (El Salvador, Central America)

On December 28, 1928 the International Association of Charity in the city of San Miguel was established in the Hospital San Juan de Dios.

Formation with FAVISAL

The International Vincentian Family Office (VFO) wants to strengthen the efforts of the National Councils in the continuous training of all branches and members who make up the Vincentian Family in each one of our countries. On June 12, the Vincentian Family from El...
Sr. Louise Lears, SC visits El Salvador martyr site

Sr. Louise Lears, SC visits El Salvador martyr site

Sr. Louise Lears doesn't know what she will experience in El Salvador — but she knows it will change her. She is part of a group of US women religious who look back on El Salvador martyrs, ahead to delegation to mark 35th anniversary Lears and 116 others are spending...

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