Depaul UK

Depaul UK • Welcome to the Endeavour Centre

The Endeavour Centre at Sherborne House is an innovative space that combines help in crisis situations with support for those young people who are rebuilding their lives. The building contains the national headquarters for Depaul UK, and also provides a hub for...

London: Golfing Legend Visits Depaul’s New Homeless Center

Gary Player, 18-time Major winner and the only international player to win the career Grand Slam, and David Mortlock, Head of Investment Banking at Berenberg, visited Depaul's new youth homelessness centre to witness first-hand how the funds raised by the annual...

Get to Know: Hannah Brock

As the Anniversary Year committee has adopted an initiative to combat homelessness for this year and beyond, it's good to get to know people who work in this line. Depaul International is an acknowledged leader and member of the Vincentian Family. Vincentians of...

Prince Harry Visits Depaul UK

The Prince went for a 15-minute run with eight young homeless people, who have been training with The Running Charity, the UK's first running-orientated program for homeless and vulnerable young people. He also talked with The Running Charity’s Director, Alex Eagle,...

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